Monday, August 12, 2019

BREAKING NEWS : South Sudan Patriotic Movement/ Army directs its forces to report to Pantiit Contentment Site

The General  Political and Military Command of South Sudan Patriotic Movement/ Amry, is directing its forces surrounding Northern Bahr el Ghazal region to report themselves  at Pantiit Cantonment Site within three days period with effect from today.

the exercise is part of the implementation of the signed peace agreement  in world's youngest nation, South Sudan.

the order announced by General  A
gany Abdul-bagi Ayii, Chief of Ggeneral Staff of SSPM/A.

wait for more updates..

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Iran-US relations sore as new sanctions put on Iran
 Iran warned Tuesday that new U.S. sanctions targeting its supreme leader and other top officials meant "closing the doors of diplomacy" between Tehran and Washington amid heightened tensions, even as the country's president derided the White House as being "afflicted by mental retardation."
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani 
President Hassan Rouhani went on to call the sanctions against Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei "outrageous and idiotic," especially since the 80-year-old Shiite cleric has no plans to travel to the United States.
Yet the sharp response from Tehran shows the pressure that the nation's Shiite theocracy and its 80 million people feel over the maximalist campaign of sanctions by the Trump administration. From Israel, President Donald Trump's National Security Adviser John Bolton said Iran could walk through an "open door" to talks with America, though he also warned that "all options remain on the table" if Tehran makes good on its promise to begin breaking one limit from its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.
While resembling the exchange of insults just before North Korea's leader and Trump sat down for talks, Iran so far appears to have no interest in negotiations
"The useless sanctioning of Islamic Revolution Supreme Leader (Khamenei) and the commander of Iranian diplomacy means closing the doors of diplomacy by the U.S.' desperate administration," Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi tweeted. "Trump's government is annihilating all the established international mechanisms for keeping peace and security in the world."
The crisis gripping the Middle East stems from Trump's withdrawal of the U.S. a year ago from the nuclear deal with Iran and other world powers and then imposing crippling new sanctions on Tehran. Recently, Iran quadrupled its production of low-enriched uranium to be on pace to break one of the deal's terms by Thursday, while also threatening to raise enrichment closer to weapons-grade levels on July 7 if European countries still abiding by the accord don't offer a new deal.
Citing unspecified Iranian threats, the U.S. has sent an aircraft carrier to the Middle East and deployed additional troops alongside the tens of thousands already there. All this has raised fears that a miscalculation or further rise in tensions could push the U.S. and Iran into an open conflict, 40 years after the Islamic Revolution.
Trump enacted the new sanctions against Khamenei and his associates on Monday.
That action followed Iran's downing on June 20 of a U.S. surveillance drone, worth over $100 million, above the Strait of Hormuz, sharply escalating the crisis. Trump then said he pulled back from the brink of retaliatory military strikes but continued his pressure campaign against Iran.
U.S. officials also said they plan sanctions against Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, something that drew Rouhani's anger during his televised address Tuesday.
"You sanction the foreign minister simultaneously with a request for talks," an exasperated Rouhani said, calling the sanctions "outrageous and idiotic."
"The White House is afflicted by mental retardation and does not know what to do," he added.
There was no immediate reaction from Washington to the remarks. The sharp comments recalled North Korea's verbal attacks on Trump before the dramatic change in course and the start of negotiations with Washington. In 2017, state media quoted North Korean leader Kim Jong Un calling Trump "the mentally deranged U.S. dotard."
However, there are no signs the Iranian leadership would welcome talks.
Mousavi's statement echoed that of Iran's U.N. ambassador, Majid Takht Ravanchi, who warned Monday that the situation in the Persian Gulf is "very dangerous" and said any talks with the U.S. are impossible in the face of escalating sanctions and intimidation. Meanwhile, the U.S. envoy at the United Nations, Jonathan Cohen, said the Trump administration's aim is to get Tehran back to negotiations.
The sanctions were announced as U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held talks with officials in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia about building a broad, global coalition that includes Asian and European countries to counter Iran. Pompeo is likely to face a tough sell in Europe and Asia, particularly from those nations still committed to the nuclear deal with Iran.
Meanwhile, Bolton said Trump was open to real negotiations to eliminate Iran's nuclear weapons program and "all that Iran needs to do is walk through that open door." He was meeting with his Russian and Israel counterparts in a first-of-its-kind trilateral security summit in Jerusalem that was focused on Iranian involvement in regional conflicts, particularly in neighboring Syria.
"As we speak, American diplomatic representatives are surging across the Middle East, seeking a path to peace. In response, Iran's silence has been deafening," Bolton said. "There is simply no evidence that Iran has made the strategic decision to renounce nuclear weapons and open realistic discussions to demonstrate that decision."
But only hours later, Bolton told a news conference that "all options remain on the table" if Iran goes over the limit for its low-enriched uranium stockpile as planned by Thursday.
"It would not be in their interest to do it but they have done a lot of things recently that are not in their interest," Bolton said.
Gambrell reported from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Associated Press writer Aron Heller in Jerusalem contributed.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Al-Shabab kills 11, 25 wounded in Somalia

At least two people have dead and more than twenty five left with serious injuries after Al-Qaida-linked network Al-Shabab implemented heavy attacks in Somalia over the weekends, the group claims responsibility on the incidence.
Speaking to reporters on Mogadishu, General Bashir Abdi Mohamed, police chief, told reporters in Mogadishu. He said the first car bomb went off near a security checkpoint for the presidential palace and w
bombing site on Saturday in Somalia 
as responsible for nine deaths.
“The second car bomb killed the driver and his accomplice near a checkpoint on the road to the heavily fortified airport”, he said.
Al-Shabab, which often targets the capital, said the blasts were meant to strike the first line of security checkpoints for the airport and palace. The airport is home to a number of diplomatic offices. The palace is a frequent al-Shabab target

Friday, June 14, 2019

Floods kill 3 people; displace over 3000 in South Sudan’s Aweil state

Floods kill 3 people; displace over 3000 in South Sudan Aweil state

Three people have been killed after floods washed South Sudan’s Aweil state last week. More than 3,000 displaced persons receive assistance from humanitarian organization and from the government.
Tong Akeen Ngor, Aweil state governor said it is a collective to ensure that the victims are sustained and new plans are taken to avoid such incidence in the future.

State doctors confirmed that one child got drowned and the other two bodies were not admitted at the Aweil state hospital. The doctors have also said water diseases are among dire conditions facing the deprived.

Farmers union said their work is affected by the floods as major cultivated spaces cleaned by the water, worrying that it takes them another period to get prepared! 

Lual Lual, a residence chief, described floods as blessings for the New Year, saying no one knows what God will bring after this disaster.

 Meteorologists warn that South Sudan’s western and northern parts may face acute climate change for the next few years. In May this year, the neighboring state of Lol came under wildfire, killing more than 30 and many other wounded.
The weather focusers connected the event with mass clearance of trees and devastation of general wildlife.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Aweil state chamber of commerce welcomes appointment of new Aweil governor

Aweil state chamber of commerce has released welcoming statement for the newly appointed Aweil state governor, Tong Akeen Ngor. The chamber recognizes the leadership capabilities of the new top government official, describing him as man of work.
Tong Akeen file phot
President Kiir issued Republican decree on Monday night sacking Aweil state governor, Major General Jal Malith Jal and other three state governors. 
It is not clear whether the change came as result of confusion between executive and legislature over household tax which was initiated by the government to increase the budget allocated for services delivery. The assembly has rejected the plan, saying that citizens are not able to pay the tax due to welfare hardships they face.
The ousted governor removed parliament speaker, deputy speaker and five other MPs and replaced them with new faces.
Tong, who won confidence from the president, became fourth governor of Aweil state after Ronald Ruai, Yournew Wol and Jal Malith Jal.
Speaking to Voice News Agency on Wednesday, Aweil state chamber of commerce, Malong Deng Nyuany, reaffirmed their loyalty to the governor and vow to work closely with his administration to promote development in the state. 
Tong was served as minister of health in former Northern Bahr el Ghazal state and has resigned as he saw poor management in general Malong Awan’s leadership in the state.       

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

5 injured in inter-communal violence in Aweil State’s Wathmuok area

At least five people have been injured in inter-communal violence in  former Aweil South county, currently Wathmuok area in Aweil state since over weekend. The conflict erupted after Aweil state government established Wathmuok as new Ajak Center County, said state government spokesman.
Aweil South county
Three main sections of Ajak, Kongdeer and Buonchuai have been in contest over the land for couple of years.  But the ongoing violence is between Ajak and Kongdeer meanwhile Buonchuai community remains silence without taking side, according to state government.

Kongdeer community revoked operation of the new county headquarters and banned the area commissioner to assume the power. Five people were left with serious wounds from both sides.

Speaking to Voice News Agency on Tuesday, Joseph Lual Deng, Aweil state information minister and spokesman for the state government, said the tensions broke out between Kongdeer and Ajak when Wathmuok became headquarters of new Ajak Center County.

“The tensions rise between two communities, Kongdeer and Ajak when it was made to be a county headquarters of Ajak Centre County, Wathmuok. The other sides of Kongdeer are saying the commissioner should not be brought to Wathmuok as county headquarters of Ajak Center County,” said the minister.
Aweil state government convoy headed by acting governor, Simon Ober Mawut visited the scene with an aim to quench down the skirmishes, however,    the fight renewed immediately when the feuding societies saw the delegation, said the information minister.

“On the arrival at 4:00 yesterday the two communities were confronting themselves as soon as they saw the cars and the information was passed ahead the committee to inform them that the commissioner is not coming. It is delegation that is going down to them to inform them and listens to them why they dispute over the area,’’ he added.

The feuding communities, according to the minister, have been using local fighting materials such as spears and sticks. He concludes that security situation returns to normal as security agents were deployed in the area.

Thirteen Mou Garang